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    We are a family of three, we have a two months old baby... we are in need for a number of things, but most importantly we need a place to stay while we are in the Calgary housing waiting list... until now we are staying at my sisters, but she needs more privacy to cheat on her husband while he is working up north, seriously, she is expending all of her money on motels... and she is mad a ME because of it...

    anyways... I'm from Montreal and I used to be a couponer before my life fell apart, after my divorce I crashed at a friends house and stared to gain momentum, but I decided that I needed to back up before I could start again, so I went back to my mom's, (at my country) what a horrible mistake that was, It did heal me emotionally, and it did show me what a little bit of respect could do to our relationship, but as soon as I got pregnant, she stater to be the correctional officer she always was... I tried for 5 years to get pregnant with my husband, but my high school sweetheart did it in a new years eve... It snap me out of my depression like magic, all the suddenly I was full of hope and projects, and dreams, and responsibility. and with the man I was suppose to be... and then I remember why it didn't work between us, he is cheap, but not your average cheap, or my kind of cheap (aka couponer) he likes to work, and get paid, work it's its own reward, he would give his entire income to his mom, and then share any left over with the homeless, sure it's the kind of person you admire, but not the one you wanna live with! I need to believe that he is a changed person and he will put his new family first...

    So I take the plain destination Calgary, where my sister told me I could crash for 3 months tops, my significant other will join me as soon as his visa its issued, but guess what, his mom get's cancer, ovarian cancer, a just him and his little brother pay for the operation, and let's remember then all though hard working, my boyfriend has not a penny in his pockets. so now hi is in debt, and can't send me any money, to support his pregnant girlfriend, but this is Canada, I have rights, my baby has rights, but my abusive ex husband also has rights, since I was to scared to make a police complain, and I was nice enough to not give him a criminal record, so he could find a job, i'm so nice I even left him fully furnished and left only with what I had on me... you see I was sponsored, and there's one year left of responsibility on his part, so any help I get from the government it's has to be reimbursed by him. but I have no proof he was abusive, therefore the government wont help me... I'm appealing, but who knows how long that's gonna take... and to add to my misery and stress, emergency housing and any other housings, need me to be in income support, so by December 1 I'm gonna be homeless, with a baby, because that's what happens to nice people, my nice guy it's stock in our country trying to get a visa, let's hope he get here soon.

    So my question is, do you have a basement that you could rent to a nice family, until karma balance it self?
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    Welcome to Calgary and I hope you find a nice place to rent!

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