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Thread: The Official Produce & Grocery Staples Deals in Flyers Nov 21-27

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    Name:  162852d1360776770-official-produce-grocery-staples-feb-15-22-help-always-appreciated-161452d1360.jpg
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    If brand is not stated, it is store brand
    Don't forget, shop the outside of the store and only venture in for coupons!

    Make sure you check the hot deals thread for stock up deals!
    Want to view the flyers? Click here to find them.
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    Name:  atlantic-superstore.png
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    Atlantic SuperStore:
    Lean Ground beef club size $3.88/lb
    Philly cream cheese block/tube $1.99
    Kraft cracker barrel cheese block 400/460g $5.99

    Name:  foodland.png
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    Boneless pork sirloin chops/split chicken breasts $2.97/lb
    Villaggio bread 675g $1.99-$2=Free!
    Astro yogurt 650-750g $1.99
    Burnbrae/Gray Ridge Large eggs 18s $2.99
    Minute Maid 1.75L OJ $1.99

    Name:  food-basics.png
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    Food Basic:
    Discoll's raspberry/blueberry/kiwi $5/3
    Barlett pears $1/lb
    Red, orange, yellow pepper $2/lb
    Black plums 2lbs case/lemons 454g $5/2
    Lean ground beef 2lb tube $5
    Mott's garden cocktail 945ml $1-$.50=$.50

    Name:  fortinos.png
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    Black diamond cheese bar 400/450g $4.77
    Bananas $.49/lb
    Prime Rib roast $5.99/lb
    Pork back ribs/tenderloin $3.99/lb
    Iogo yogurt tubes/fresh cheese $2

    Name:  freshco.png
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Size:  24.1 KB

    Frozen split chicken wings $6.97/1.2kg
    Smuckers Jam $2.97-$1
    Kraft peanut butter 750-1kg $2.97-$1
    Natrel 4L milk $4.99-$1
    1kg basket kiwi $2.49
    Maple Leaf bacon $3.97
    Ontario apples $.79/lb
    Pom Pomegrantes $.99-$1wub2
    5lb case clementines $3.99
    Hot House tomato $.99lb
    Dempster bagels $1.99

    Name:  giant-tiger.png
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    Giant Tiger(ON):
    3lb oranges/grapefruit $2.77
    Bretrice chocolate milk 1L $.99

    Name:  highland-farms.png
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    coming soon....

    Name:  iga.png
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    Highland Farms:
    Fresh beef striploin steaks/roast $7.99/lb
    Demspter's whole grain bread $5/2
    Carnation evaporated milk 370g $5/3
    Fresh wild haddock fillet $7.99/lb

    Becel margarine 680/907g $3.99
    Blackberry/Raspberry $5/3
    Tropicana farmstand/OJ $2.99
    Prestige 18s large eggs $2.99
    Yop yogurt drinkable $.64each
    Lipton tea bags 72s $3.49-$1

    Name:  loblaws.png
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Size:  24.1 KB

    Loblaws QC:
    5lb clementines $4.99
    Tropicana 1.75L OJ $2.99
    Cap off prime rib preium oven roast $6.99/lb
    Pork loin rach frenched bone-in $4.99/lb
    Old Mills English muffins $3/2

    Name:  maxi.png
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Size:  24.1 KB

    Nestle 24s water $2.67
    Gold Seal pink salmon/white tuna 100-418g $1.88
    Lantic 2kg sugar $1.44
    Medium ground beef $2.92/lb
    Natrel coffee cream 425ml $1
    Astro yogurt tubes 650-750g
    Pom Pomegrantes $.88-$1wub2
    Pineapple $1.67
    Blackberry $1.37
    Farmers Market mini carrots 340g $.83
    Sweet Peppers pkg 4 $2.25
    Yop yogurt drinkable $3/5

    Name:  metro1.jpg
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Size:  6.0 KB

    Metro (ON):
    Red/green/black grapes $1.77/lb
    Barilla pasta $.99
    Dempster's white/smart bread/buns $4/2
    Blue Diamond almond beverage 946ml $1.99

    Metro (QC):
    Fresh whole chicken $1.79/lb

    Name:  no-frills.png
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Size:  24.1 KB

    No Frills (ON):
    Lactantia butter 454g $2.97
    Wonder bread 675g $5/3
    ID coffee whitener 473ml $2
    Unico veggie oil 2L $3
    Eye of round steak $5.97/lb
    Clementines 5lb $3.97
    Pom Pomegrantes $.97-
    Seasoned boneless skinless chicken breast(frozen) $2.77/lb
    Bagged avocadoes $2.95
    Royal gala apples $.87/lb

    No Frills (Atlantic):
    Lactantia butter 454g $2.97
    Yoplait minigo 6X60g $2
    Planters cashews 225g $3
    Becel margarine 227/454g $2.47
    Black diamond cheese slices 500g $2.47
    3pk garlics $1/2
    Fresh chicken drumstick/thighs $2.87/lb

    Name:  real-canadian-superstore.png
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Size:  24.1 KB

    RCSS (ON):
    Boneless pork loin centre/rib end roast/chop $2.88/lb
    Black diamond cheese bar 400/450g $4.27
    10lb bag onion/potatoes $1.88
    Carnation evaporated milk 370g $5/4-$1wub2

    Name:  sobeys.png
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    Sobeys (ON):
    Sterling silver top sirloin oven roast $5.99/lb
    Pork boneless shoulder blade roast $2.99/lb
    Gaylea butter 454g $2.99
    Villaggio bread/buns 675g $2.49-$2
    Black Diamond cheesse spread 185g $1.99-$1

    Sobeys (Atlantic):
    Fresh salmon fillet $6.99/lb
    StripLoin grilling steak $6.99//lb
    General Mills cheerios 260-330g $1.99
    Long top green onions $.99each
    Motts garden cocktail 945ml $.99-$.50=$.50
    Kraft Philly dips 227 $1.99

    Name:  super-c.png
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    Motts garden coctail $1-$.50=$.50
    Astro kik drinkable 200ml $1/2
    Dole salad kit $1

    Name:  target.JPG
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    Neilson trutaste 4L milk $4.99

    Name:  thrifty-foods.png
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    SunRype juice 900ml-1L $5/4
    Silver Hill bread 430-615g $2.99

    Name:  walmart1.jpg
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    Orange $.77/lb

    Name:  zehrs.png
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    Pork back ribs $2.88/lb(F-S)
    Lean ground beef $3.88/lb
    Philly cream cheese 150-250g/dips 227g/cooking cream 270g $1.99
    Schneiders bacon/country natural bacon 375g $4.99
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