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    Bluechem - Canada imports advanced European automotive cleaning products for Canadian car dealerships and automotive garages.

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    These products are NOT AVAILABLE in retail stores just yet.

    If you want to try them you have to go to automotive garages and car dealerships and request Bluechem products as part of a service.

    Last Saturday I drove up to North York Ontario and watched Ryan Wilford perform a Bluechem Oil System Cleaner product demonstration, and also witnessed a compression test done (twice) on a four cylinder Honda car engine.

    Mechanic Chris Ko volunteered his 2010 Honda Civic and got a free oil change and engine cleaning service. He had to take out the spark plugs and disconnect the engine (twice) so it wasn't exactly free.

    After dissembling the engine (twice), Chris and Ryan executed the compression tests using an analog Moto-meter test device, and then explained to me what the bar readings mean exactly with regards to engine health and overall gas mileage. The higher compression the better and the more uniform the better - we'll feel the engine vibrating when these cylinders are out of whack.

    This is the reading on the paper chit made by the old school Motometer analog testing device BEFORE adding Bluechem Oil System Cleaner.
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    Two separate tests were done, on all four cylinders, before and after adding the cleaning agent, which consumers would typically do just before removing the used oil.

    Comparing the two tests really shows the positive results of adding the Oil System Cleaner.

    Ryan also gave a very convincing demonstration of Bluechem's advanced chemistry in action at the workbench and I made a video about oil system cleaner that shows the liquid at work in glass test tubes.

    The tube on the top had the additive in the old oil before the new oil was added, while the tube below did not.

    More info about the compression tests, and more demos on Bluechem brings Oil System Cleaner to Canada on Digital Journal.
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