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    Shyness: How To Overcome Shyness: The Ultimate Guide On How To Become More Confident And Happy By Overcoming Your Shyness

    Book Description:
    Many people suffer from some level of shyness; whether itís speaking in front of large groups, approaching and speaking to your crush or lacking the confidence to try something new. Shyness can really hinder you from succeeding in different things or even simply enjoying life. What you will learn in this book will teach you how you can cure your shyness and own your mind.

    And once you know how to identify your shyness; you will be able to overcome it, leading to increased confidence and happiness.

    As I am not able to post links at this time
    Please search "Shyness" in the Kindle store.
    Author name is "Sofia Price"

    On this is on the first page half way down.
    On Amazon.con this is on the second page half way down.

    Thanks and enjoy!
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