I am a volunteer with Southwinds Horse Rescue Inc., a registered charity with CRA, located in Oakville MB (about 15 mins from Portage la Prairie)

Southwinds currently is caring for 17 equine (13 horses, 2 donkeys, a miniature horse and a shetland pony)

If you would be willing to donate a monetary amount towards the continued care and rehabilitation of these animals, that would be greatly appreciated. Costs are high in caring for these animals, and they want to be able to help more horses in need.

Alternatively, if you have any items that you would be willing to donate (ex: halters, bridles, lead ropes, brushes, mineral blocks, saddles, round pen panels, etc), that would also be greatly appreciated. If you know of any horse vets or hoof trimmers/farriers who would be willing to offer a discount on their services to Southwinds, please let them know about this Rescue.

You can check out the Facebook page for Southwinds Horse Rescue, and on the left hand side there are 2 donation tab options:
1) donation tab for a gofundme page (no tax receipt is given for the gofundme donations),
2) if you want a tax receipt, then donate through the paypal link.

Thanks so much for you consideration.