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    Slow Cooker: Low Carb: 42 Easy Recipe Meals - Low Carb Healthy and Delicious Recipes for Your Crock Pot

    No matter how busy your daily schedule is, you can still enjoy healthy meals thanks to your slow cooker!
    All you need to be is some what organized... if you can do that, then your half way there...

    Simple prepare a few ingredients, throw them into the crock pot, set the timer and go about your day while the crock pot takes care of the rest. Now how easy is that?

    Here's What You Get With This Recipe Book:
    Easy Healthy Low Carb Meals For Your Crock Pot
    Breakfast Meals
    Beef Dishes
    Pork and Lamb
    Chicken and Turkey
    And Even Some Desserts

    As I am not able to post links at this time
    Please search "Slow Cooker" in the Kindle store.
    Author name is "Arianna Brooks"
    And the ebook should be on the first page.

    Thanks and enjoy!
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