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    Can anyone assist me with community sales in the area? I live in a apartment so am hoping to be able to rent a table for a specified amount in order to sell things at one of these events. Last year there were a few in Innisfil so I do know they are out there but I am just having trouble finding information on them.

    Innisfil or Barrie area is fine with me.

    I do know about the abroetum one in Gilford but there weren't many visitors to that one last year.

    Thanks for your help guys
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    Going to link you to the community services website for Barrie:

    I'd suggest you determine if any of the church bulletins mention community-type sales but it's best to think of the places that rent halls (churches, agricultural societies) and also look at local service group websites, as they might run vendor-paid sales events. Also the major paper in the area-does it list weekly community events? Sometimes volunteer groups that fundraise promote their community sales events that way as Hamilton Spectator readers know with Monday's Too Good to Miss listings.

    Usually the community services website will show you if there is a weblink for any organization so you can determine if the group is using social media or blog to provide event information. Good luck!
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