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    So the city of Montreal has free plants every spring in late May for every borough on the island. I have heard laval does it but I have no information on it. The idea is to beautify the city. You should contact 311 or your local eco centre to find out the date and time. I think this year it is the 24th of may. You have to bring your own pales and typically can get compost as well but it is first come first served so go first. Most boroughs get 50,000 plants and most boroughs allow up to 24 plants per address but I am not expert on the program so call your borough.

    Secondly I was wondering if anyone would want to trade what is in their yard. I have really hardy Irises that expand every year in number of bulbs I could trade. They bloom in late May/June. I also have Hyacinthe bulbs that don't bloom great in my yard but I think the sun or soil is not quite right for them. Then I have a really great ground covering that I have to much of. I have extra indoor aloe plants and a flowering cactus plant I can trim for you. I would want shrubs, flowering plants, medicinal herbs, or interesting bulbs to trade. PM me if you want photos or have an offer.
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    Thanks for the info!! I live in a high-rise downtown, but otherwise would have definitely participated

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