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    Does anyone know, other than going to the stores directly, how I can get Sobeys, Foodland's, Food Basic's and Rexall's flyers? They never come in my Oshawa This Week paper. It seems that after No Frills was built in my neighbourhood, they stopped sending these flyers with my paper. I need the flyers to PM at my No Frills.

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    You can download the app on your phone. It pulls up flyers for stores in your area and the best part is that you can actually "clip" things that you want to buy by tapping them. These are saved in your "clippings" section on the app and when you're out shopping and want to price match you click the clipping and it brings up the item and flyer details. Super easy to use and you don't have to go searching. Most places allow the digital flyers now so you should be good.

    I also use the following as my Walmart sometimes price matches nationwide (depends on the cashier):
    Reebee - Local flyers only
    Flyerify - All flyers
    Flyers - Flyers, deals, etc.

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