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Thread: grrrr! now I need new tires

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    So my day yesterday suckkkeddddddd!!!!!!! My tire blew out not sure how it happened.. Just normal driving and all a sudden felt car pull and the fluttering sound. While I was changing to my spare I was charging my phone and that drained my battery!!! so now I need a new tire as I'm driving on the spare and a battery. the battery I knew was getting to replace point but was hoping to wait till winter... So ya any calgary people know cheep deals let me know!!!
    Oh and I'm due for an oil change soon also deals on that be great..

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    Oy, I've never had that happen - it's good you weren't on a highway!
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    I cannot say where the cheapest place to get tires in Calgary is, but I do recommend getting them from a tire place that fixes flats for free, rotates your tires for free, etc. I use to get mine at Canadian Tire, but got a good deal at Kal Tire on new ones and now I realize I save even more since I don't pay for flat tire repair, putting on my winter tires, etc.
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