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    We got a place on Cardigan Street -a nice apartment I think cause only hubby saw it but he is happy and he says we are close to downtown. He will be leaving to Guelph soon (making a pit stop in Chicago for a Dead show).

    I have so many question - best internet service and trying to avoid Bell (hated them in Hamilton) but thinking Start and vmedia or zazeem internet. Or might give in a try Rogers for a few months.

    best place to shop with good deals and where to find good coupons. And how is the bus system because we have a car but when he works I take the bus.

    I have so many questions.

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    Not sure that the local transit system is as frequent as Hamilton's system.

    Main branch of the library offers unlimited Internet use; other branches cap use to 1h per patron. Need a card.
    Ooh, printing costs more-20 cents per B&W. Just mentioning this so you can have interim Internet until you determine which provider is best for your needs.

    Congratulations on the downtown residence! Hope you discover the Book Shelf shop. Not sure if the Internet cafe/resto is still up above the store.

    Handy site to scope out provider issues.
    Comwave might have service in your area. Run the PC through the check field.
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