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Thread: Planete Poutine

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    Last night for dinner we went to this new poutine restaurant called Planete Poutine; i dont eat poutine but figured i`d give it a try. The prices are astronomical! Our friends bought a regular Brie poutine and a mini Fajitas poutine with 2 regular soft drinks. Total cost was $32! I had what they call a hot dog combo (2 dogs, fries and drink); hubby had a hamburger, mini poutine and drink. Total cost $23! That`s the first and last time we will go there. Too darn expensive!

    My dogs were cold (weiner and bun) and the fries were overcooked and hard. I had to get them changed after i complained to the manager. Hubby said his burger was great and it looked great! The regular Brie poutine is not enough for a man (regular is supposed to be the large size but it looks like a medium) and the mini looks like a medium but it is a small. There is also a smaller size and its supposed to be for kids but it is really small. Oh well live and learn.
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    Wow, that is some pricey poutine!
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    That's what you call gourmet poutine

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    My parents had visited it once. Prices are too much high!

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