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    New ones will have a bold red NEW in front

    Small WL in Second post
    Ones that have a star beside it are ones I can print. I do not have the UPC code or expiry date because I have not printed them yet. I can print them on request

    Here are the coupons I have right now. I don't really have a WL yet. I am looking for the 10 pack of Carnation breaksfast's. But I will take a look at your TL.

    HV: (trading double value)
    FPC nursette 6 pack 6x59ml nipple ready exp march 31 upc 30220935
    8$ enfamil a+, enfamil a+ gentlease, enfamil a+lactose free, nutramigen a+, enfamil a+thickened, or enfamil a+ soy infant formula. powder 454g-922g, ready to feed case 237ml or 18 or larger) exp march 31 2016 upc 30220948
    5$ tub or refill box of enfamil a+ gentlease powder 629g or 942g exp march 31 2016 upc 30220951
    4$ enfamil d-vi-sol, enfamil tri-vi-sol or enfamil poly-vi-sol exp march 31, 2016 upc 30220964
    4$ playtex diaper genie refill 3 pack exp dec 31, 2015 upc 29009406

    x21 B9G1 free fancy feast cans $0.85 value excl elegant medley UPC 27679917 EXP November 30, 2015
    x20 $1 off strawberries wub any 2 nestle aero big bubble bars 95g-105g UPC 10040834 EXP May 31, 2016

    x14 $4 aleve product 40ct or higher UPC 07658251 EXP September 30, 2015
    *1$ Arm and Hammer Spinbrush battery operated toothbrush, or replacement head
    *1$ arm and hammer spinbrush manual toothbrush excl pet oral
    *1$ arm and hammer laundry detergent
    *0.75$ arm and hammer toothpaste 90ml or larger excl pet oral care
    *1$ Lactose free 4% MF Cheese Allegro
    x4 NEW1$ allegro 4% cheese upc 8450575 exp oct 5, 2015
    *1$ all bran breakfast bars 210g
    *3$ advil nighttime not available in quebec
    *3$ advil cold and sinus or liquid fast cold and sinus liqui gels not available in quebec
    *1$ any astro athentikos yogurt 500g or 4x100g
    *3$ air wick canadian parks series
    *3$ air wick life scents
    *1.25$ almond fresh 1.89L
    *1$ affresh cleaners
    *4$ wub2 or ore advance hair series

    *5$ benefibre
    *2$ 3 pack or larger bic soleil razors
    *2$ boudreaux's butt paste diaper rash ointment
    *2$ be better skin care product
    *2$ be better argan oil 50ml
    *1$ wub5 packages of buddig 55g
    *1$ buddig 250g
    *1$ baby mum-mum or toddler mum-mum
    *1$ blue water seafoods 580g artisan recipe
    *1$ beano helps prevent gas
    *3$ 300 mL or larger biotrue multi purpose solution

    x13 $4 canes oral or canes oral combi pak UPC 07658277 EXP June 30, 2016
    *$0.50$ on the purchase of any cliff organic trail mix bar
    *1$ cracker barrel shredded natural cheese any size any variety
    *1$ cashmere ultra luxe or cashmere ultra 3 bathroom tissue
    *4$ clear care cleaning disinfecting solution 360ml or 2x360ml
    *2$ cat love and catit cat litters-odor defense 12kg, green earth 8kg, super mix 18.1kg or daily scoops 5.45 and 11.36kg
    *2$ coppertone sunscreen
    *1$ clairor hair color excl trial/travel/value/gift/bonus
    *2$ culturelle

    x5 $3 dr scholl's freeze away or dual action freeze away UPC 60320168 EXP december 31, 2015
    x23 $2 dr schol's for her UPC 60320256 EXP December 31 2015
    *2$ dempster's gluten zero white or whole wheat sliced bread
    *2$ dempster's bagels

    *1$ ecover cleaning
    *2$ estroven

    *1$ finish max in 1 quantum max, jet dry or dishwasher cleaner
    *$0.50$ frank's red hot sauce any flavor
    *2$ 2 pack or larger of new flex5, flex3, flex4, hybrid advance 3 or hybrand advance 4 razors
    *0.50$ french's ketchup 750ml or 1L
    *0.50$ french's salad cravers (any flavor)
    *0.50$ french's dijon, honey dijon, horseradish, bold and spicy or sweet onion mustard
    *0.50$ french's classic yellow mustard 400ml or larger
    *0.50$ fleishmann's yeast 24g or larger
    *3$ fibre choice
    x56 $3 Gillette 3 Blade Disposable Razor AND any one Gillette Shave prep excl trial/travel/value/gift/bonus UPC 0047400-201896 EXP September 30, 2015
    *1$ garnier fructis
    *2$ 6 pack of glucema nutritional drinks or any 4 pack of glucema bars
    *1.50$ gaviscon acid reflux
    *1.50$ glad indoor bags with febreze freshness excl glad indoor bags 24ct and 10ct
    x3 NEW 6$ glade wax melts warmer upc 33695525 exp oct 5, 2015

    *1$ any heinz baby snack
    *1.50$ heinz baby cereal 227g
    *b4g1 128ml heinz baby food pouches
    *b8s1.50$ heinz baby food glass jars and or plastic tubs
    *1$ head and shoulders product (excl trial, travel, value, gift, bonus)
    *2$ head and shoulders shampoo AND one conditioner excl trial/travel/value/gift/bonsu
    *1.25$ herbal essence shampoo AND conditioner
    *0.50$ herbal essence excl trial/travel/value/gift/bonus/

    *Save 4$ Dry Dog Food from Iams 4.2 KG and larger, any variety
    *Save 3$ Dry Cat Food from Iams 1.3 KG and larger, any variety
    *B5G1 can FREE purrfect delights or purrfect delicacies wet food IAMS
    *Save 2$ 1.89L Iced Coffee or Chai Tea Latte International Delight
    *3$ wub 2 st ives from 2 different product lines
    *2$ i-cool
    x2 NEW 4$ iams dry food for dogs 4.2kg or larger, any upc 08321103 exp oct 5, 2015
    x2 NEW b5g1 FREE purrfect delights or purrfect delicacies wet food 85-156g cans, any upc 08321129 exp october 5, 2015
    x4 NEW 1$ IOGO wub2 iogo nomad lactose free 200ml upc 29215078 exp oct 5, 2015



    *1$ WUB2 Lynch Sauces 375 ML
    *1.50$ lysol click gel AND lysol toilet bowl cleaner 710ml or 946ml
    *0.75$ lysol click gel

    *1$ Maille product
    *1$ maxwell house keurig compatible cups pods
    *2$ melitta single serve coffee
    *1$ mazola oil 1.42L or 1.18L

    x19 $2 any size of nicoderm patches UPC 04395052 EXP Dec 31, 2015
    *1$ Lactose free milks and creams Natrel
    *1$ nerf, bomber, or afp dog toys
    *0.75$ newman's own all natural salsa
    *0.50$ now mints

    *1.50$ Holder or refill OFF clip on
    *4$ opti free pure moist mpds 300ml or 2x200ml
    *2$ ours product
    *8$ ocuvite adult 50+ eye vitamin and mineral supplement

    x16 $1 philadelphia whipped cream cheese product 227g (any variety) UPC 05548200 Exp December 31, 2015
    *10$ pillips sonicare rechargeable handle excl powerup
    *15$ phillips sonicare diamond clean, flexcare or healthy white rechargeable toothbrush
    *2$ pedia sure complete 4x235ml pack
    *2$ phazyme anti gas product
    *1$ one pantene (excl trial, travel, value, gift, bonus)
    *2$ pantene shampoo AND conditioner or treatment (excl trial, travel, value, gift, bonus)
    x2 NEW 2$ any participating package of pull ups training pants. upc 49120846 exp dec 31, 2015


    *2$ robitussin not availabe in quebec
    *1$ right guard antiperspirant/deodorant stick excl aerosols
    *0.75$ ribena (1L beverage) or Lynch hot apple (10x23g)
    *2$ rexall mean replacement original, hp or plus 6 pack
    x2 NEW 5$ revlon age defying face product upc 28724272 exp dec 31, 2015

    x34 $4 ANY 1 Subline sun product UPC 46971395 EXP October 31, 2015
    *1$ Sharpie Clear View Highlighter at Staples Only
    *1$ special k protein bars 180g
    *2$ summer's eve feminine care
    *1$ so good 1.89L
    *3$ sunlight medium or large size laundy 48LD or larger
    *0.75$ sugar twin

    *1.50$ wub2 tenderflake frozen products
    *2$ trojan lubricant
    *5$ the doctor's nightguard dental protectors


    x17 $3 any 1 venus 3 blade disposable razor AND any one venus & olay, venus or satin care shave gel excl trial, travel, value, gift, bonus UPC 0047400 201898 EXP September 30, 2015
    *3$ 2 boxes of 6 or 12 units of van houtte or timothy's k cup pods or 300g and more of ground coffee
    *2$ vidal sassoon hair color excl trial/travel/value/gift/bonus
    *1.50$ vitafusion or lil critters

    *b6g1 weight watchers smart ones frozen products
    *1$ weber seasonings 142g, 156g or 164g
    *0.50$ welch's 100% juice, juice coctails or prune nectar 1.36L
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    Chapman's ice cream
    Coke zero
    Pepsi Diet
    Carnation Breakfast 10 pack chocolate
    Jane's Chicken
    Most FPC's
    V8 Juice

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    more added

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    How many of the arm & hammer detergent and toothpaste can you print ?

    And are you willing to trade for GCs/stamps? Thanks!

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