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Thread: Best Kodi Tv Add ons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Evans View Post
    does anyone know how to upgrade kodi versions? ihave kodi 16, want to update to this
    i have an android box & tried to download an app from google play store, no luck. the whole system seems sluggish & way too much buffering & getting error messages.
    any advice to update or just speed things up?
    You might want to check the specs on Android box to see if it will accomodate Kodi.17
    Key specs to check are:
    - RAM

    The lack of ram and processor power might also explain the sluggishness you're experiencing... check the specs of your box with what this site (linked below) describes is recommended. If you're below that recommendation then that probably explains your situation.

    Also if your version of Android is less than suggested (v.5.1.1), you wont be able to go to v.17 ... and depending on your box, you might not be able to upgrade your version of Android to take the latest and greatest.

    When you buy an Android box, you're pretty much locked into what it comes with. Ram and processor defintitely, OS and firmware version almost assuredly as well. So as time goes on, and upgraded softwar comes out, it's less likely that your box will accomodate it.

    It's crap like this that prevented me from buying an Android box each time I looked at them in the past. (not to poo-poo on your decision, many people have them and love them) I'm a considerable tech-savy person, but all the unknowns that come with future-proofing these devices are the biggest caveat in my humble opinion. (the ram, storage, speed, OS/firmware version, etc)

    I've got an actual mini PC hooked up that cost me just about as much as a decent Android box (just under $200 taxes in). The PC runs Windows 10, and runs the PC version of Kodi flawlessly... plus I can also run VLC for video files that I have stored locally (on a thumb drive, or stream across my own network), as well as any version of any online service that's out there (pick any of the -Go apps, HBO-Go, CTV-Go, etc... as well as CraveTV, Amazon Video, etc). And there's the Windows 10 Netflix app. which (now) lets me pre-load Netflix content.

    When I travel, I can pack the mini-PC in my suitcase and watch that content when I'm on the road, without relying on whether or not my Hotel's internet is sufficient enough -- and it normally never is.

    I can upgrade the RAM and the harddrive on it as I see fit, attach external storage, stream across my own network, and Windows 10 updates and upgrades come down with absolutely ZERO issue. Almost any of the intended USB remotes that work for Android boxes work just fine on the PC as well. I just prefer the versatility of the PC for the cost.
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    get new box. himedia 8 octocore works well for me. about 150
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    this is the box i have...

    too bad its only 5.1 version..but you get what u pay for. i may look into something else or just continue to watch movies on my laptop.
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