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Atlantic Superstore
Inside round oven roast $3.99/lb
Raspberries $2/pk
Atlantic butter $3.33
Cauliflower $2.50
Eggs 12s $2.50
3lb carrots/onions $2

Food Basics
Apples $0.77/lb
Blackberries, raspberries or kiwis 3 for $5

3L Saporito oil $3.98
Beef sirloin tip roast $3.77/lb
Zucchini or eggplant $0.88/lb
10lb potatoes or leek bunches 2 for $5
Chicken leg quarters $1.79/lb
3lb red onions $1.98
Lactantia cream cheese $1.99

10kg flour $7.99
Bananas $0.49/lb
Blade roast or beef back ribs $3.99/lb
2lb carrots or 3lb onions $0.99

8lb McIntosh apples $4.77
3kg seedless oranges $4.77
Bosc pears $.99/lb
Broccoli $1.29
Mushrooms $1.49

Giant Tiger
4p peppers $2
6pk tomatoes $2
Maple Lane cheese 400g $3.97
Primo pasta/sauce $0.88


Loblaws (ON)
3lb carrots/onions $2
Sole fillets $8.99/lb
Lavazza coffee $5.99/lb
Barilla pasta $0.99
Quaker Oatmeal (or granola bars) 2 for $3 Fri-Sun

Salmon fillets $6.98/lb
Pork tenderloin $2.98/lb
Lancia pasta $1
Raspberries 3 for $5
Cortland apples, Bosc or Bartlett pears $0.98/lb
3lb carrots/onions $1.28
Maple Leaf half hams $6.98ea

Metro (ON)
Seedkess grapes $1.88/lb
Avocados 4 for 43
Chicken drumsticks or thighs $1.99
Black Diamond cheese block 450g $4.44
Mushrooms $2
Maple Leaf half hams $6.99

No Frills (ON)
Pork back ribs $2.97/lb
Pork loin rib roast $2.97/lb
10lb red onions $2.97
Gla apples $0.87/lb
Sedless oranges $0.77/lb
Cauliflower $2.47
Mushrooms 2 for $3
barilla pasta $0.97

No Frills (West)
Eye of round roast $3.47/lb
Maple Leaf extra lean ground chicken 1lb $4
2lb grapes $2.97
Broccoli $1.47/bunch
3lb Gala apples $2.46

Extra lean ground beef $3.98/lb
Raspberries 3 for $5
Haddock or Trout fillets $7.78/lb
D'Italiano bread $2.28
4lb McIntosh/Spartan apples $3.98
Mushrooms 1lb $2.98

RCSS (West)
Pork side ribs $2.28/lb
Gala apples or Bartlett pears 6lb $4.92
Old Mills bread 3 for $5
Iceberg lettuce $1.46
Pint raspberries $3.98
Coho salmon fillet $8.998/lb
Cod fillets $7.53/lb

Extra lean ground beef $4.97/lb
Wild pink salmon fillets $6.99/lb
Free 4L milk when you buy 3 cereal at $3.97ea
Whole chicken $1.99/lb Fri-Sun
Kraft cheese blocks 450g $4.47
10kg Robin Hood flour $9.99 + buy 2 earn 50 Air Miles

Save on Foods
Mandarin oranges $1/lb
Fresh Express garden salad $1/pk
3kg box frozen chicken breast $2.99/lb ($19.78/box)

Sobeys Urban Fresh
5lb clementines $4.44
Pork loin roast $3.49/lb
Compliments bread $1.99

Sobeys (ON)
Raspberries, blackberries or Kiwi $1.99/pk
Corn 5pk $2.99
Striploin steaks $7.99/lb
Compliments bread $1.99
Compliments frozen fruit $2.99
Broccoli $.99
Free cut veggies when you buy a pack of beef strips, chicken strips or shrimp

Sobeys West
Grapes $1.99/lb
Stripoin steaks $7.99/lb
Celery $1.69/ea
Lactantia butter 2 for $7

Walmart (ON)
Pork ribs $2.97/lb
Cantaloupe $1.7ea
Cucumbers $1.27ea
Grapefruit 5lb $4.97
3lb carrots $0.97