Just getting back into couponing as I am gonna be a grandma. I don't have many coupons but I do have samples CT money and leftover GC'S for tims and of course stamps. please help me out

Biore nose strip 1 deep and 1 ultra cleansing
Breath right 2x advanced 3x extra
3x 3pk dove advanced series contains shampoo conditioner and oil
1x irish spring for men 10ml
3pk 8.3ml each frizz ease dream curls
2x 3pk 8.3ml each frizz ease forever smooth
3x garnier nourishing cleansing oil 5ml
Nexxus rejuvenating elixir 4ml
2x olay fresh effects bb cream 0.5ml
1x olay tone perfecting cream moisturizer 0.6ml
3x softsoap fresh wash body wash
3x Jergens shea butter moisturizer
3x jergens ultra care moisturizer
Rimmel stay matte foundation 100 ivory 1.5ml
Vichy liftactiv supreme 1.5ml


any FPC I love free but please ask
I am really looking for usable food don't worry about the upc's and expiry if you have something not listed I may like let me know.
I will except some printables only in color

FPC Colgate-Palmolive product 01320291 (NED)
FPC Dove up to $7.49
FPC Glad Up to $8 01215423 (NED)
Any J & J Free Replacement
FPC Kellogg's 71384245 (NED)
FPC Marc Angelo (NED)
FPC McCain Pizza Pockets 400g 04614409 (NED)
FREE 2L (Pepsi products)
FPC 12x355mL pack of Pepsi soft drinks (any flavour, variety)
FPC Sunlight
$5 Colgate-Palmolive voucher
$5 Chapman's product
$4 Chapman's product
$3.00 + Kimberly Clark voucher
$5 Marc Angelo

$5.00 Royale - NED
$7.00 SC Johnson homecare


**$1 Black Diamond Cheese
any $ off white bread any brand
**$1 Carnation Hot Chocolate
***$1 Cheemo Premium Perogies 907g bag or box, NED
***$1 Cheez Whiz Spread, Regular, Jalepeno, or Light,

$1 Classico (NED)
***$1.00 Colgate/Palmolive voucher
$1 Colgate-Palmolive (Irish Spring, Softsoap, Fleecy)

***$1 any crest toothpaste (no size restrictions)
***Dairyland Milk (NOT Organic)

**$1.00 General mills cereal
$0.50 any Glad Cling Wrap
$1 any Glad Food Storage or Freezer Bags
$1 Glad Food Storage product
$2 Glad Indoor OR Outdoor Bags (excl.20/24ct indoor bags & 8/10ct outdoor bags)
***$1 on any Heinz product, 05721870, NED
**$.75 any international delight product

$1.50 kelloggs frosted flakes, corn pops or cinnamon corn pops (websaver)
.75 kelloggs frosted flakes, krave, froot loops, rice krispies or cor pops 312-680g
***$2.00 Kellogg's special K granola bars or fruit crisps
BOGO Kellogg's special K cereal
***$2.00 Kellogg's NED
any $ off Kellogg's mini wheats regular
***$1.00 Kraft cheez Whiz
any $ off kraft cheese or slices

$1 wub2 kraft dinner mac & cheese, any size, any variety
**$1 Kraft 100% Parmesan Grated Cheese 125g
$1.00+ kraft peanut butter
***$3 Marc Angelo (NED)

***$2.00 Mini Wheats
**$2.50 Minute Maid, Bibo, Bacardi Mixers, Five Alive or Fruitopia, 59600907, NED

$2.00 Mccain d/d mini pizza 04620668
$1 McCain Thin Crust Pizza 465g-515g

**$1 Nesquik liquid (NED)
***$2.00 off Old El Paso dinner kits
**$2 Orville Redenbacher
***$1.00 12PK PepsiCo products
***$1.00 wub 2 Pillsbury products

$1 Primo product 20700179 (NED)
**$2,00 Royal, Toilet Paper
***$1 wub (1) Snack Pack 4pk
***$1.50 Stouffer's Bistro
**$2 Sunlight Laundry soap
***$2 SunRype
**$1 any sunrype item, not specific (good on any), mail out

$1 Tetley Tea (NED)
$1 Tropicana
$3 Tylenol Extra Strength product (100ct or higher)
***$2.00 U by Kotex
any $ off Vector cereal

Also looking for
Alymer Accents (not wub)
BBQ sauce

***Beneful Dry Dog food (not wet)
**Campbells soup

Canned fruit
***Canned vegtables
***Catelli pasta (regular)
**Chef Boy R dee Raviolli
Chocolate bars any of these ( kit kat, oh henry, reeses, twix, snickers, mars and M&M's)

Europe’s Best (NED)
***Folgers regular coffee not k-cups must be good on 920g
***French's yellow mustard
Fresh Produce (NOT WUB)
***Hungry man / swanson Microwave dinners
$1.00+ off juice 1litre
***Kraft peanut butter
Lays potato chips
Nature valley granola bars

***Quaker instant oatmeal
***Pop tarts
**purex laundry soap
**purex toilet paper
**Rogers sugar
**Tetley Tea (good on any)