Came across this: They're doing a promotion right now as long as you buy a pre-owned vehicle at autopark from their 5 select locations in Ontario, you get a choice of a 7 night resort stay, 5 day cruise, or a 2 night hotel stay in Vegas. This promotion runs 15th to 31st of January 2016, but you can do the vacation any time before March 30th 2018. Their FAQ says there's still taxes but it seems quite a deal if you're looking for a used car in this time period anyways.

Oh I also realized they close on Sundays, so I think technically the deadline is 30th.

See their promotion here.

Their locations are:
AutoPark Barrie: 1-866-436-4548
AutoPark Brampton: 1-866-981-4217
AutoPark Georgetown: 1-888-813-3057
AutoPark Mississauga: 1-866-981-4153
AutoPark Toronto: 1-888-699-5617