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Thread: ON – Rebate – Upgrade your furnace/water heater/insulation

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    If you are an Enbridge or Union Gas customer, you may be able to get some money on a rebate and on heating costs.
    The details are still to come but here’s a heads up:
    conduct audits to identify energy-saving opportunities
    and then
    complete retrofits, such as replacing furnaces, water heaters and upgrading insulation.
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    Dad won't pay for an audit. Did notice that a neighbour did replace a water heater. The appliance has come for discussion recently but if one owns their own tank, what parts place do they go to get replacement parts?
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    looking for a water heater now. Should i buy it now then they will give the cash back later ? Thanks
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    All these gov. Energy Rebate and credit programs are a nightmare. Too many forms to fill up, too much paper work and bureaucracy.

    But its a good deal if you are persistent and have patience and don't allow the scam artist energy resellers to take advantage of you. They try to scam both the home owner who is suppossed to get the rebate and the gov. Who gives out the rebate aka taxpayers aka your money.

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