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Thread: What kind of sick person doesn't tell u that your grandma died?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natalka View Post
    Oh, I'm so very sorry about this, and my sympathies on your loss.

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    Is your aunt the only surviving child?
    If anyone wants to investigate anything legally -
    Nothing left to distribute. Checked with land branch and grandparents house was transferred under my evil aunt's name in 2014. She got absolutely everything from both my grandparents. Just a greedy selfish pig..
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    I'd be keeping tabs on the house if that relative decides to sell it. Then attend the open house with a friend to tour it with the agent (the farewell visit with a walk around the yard).

    If there was something your grandmother really liked (as a cause), perhaps there will be a way for you to contribute to a memorial for her later (donation or deeds). You may wish to jot down your remembrances of her on paper, to have for later when you are ready to hold a service in her name. There could be neighbours or community folks who would likely be grateful for a chance to remember your grandmother with you and to share some memories over tea/coffee. It would be handy to have some sturdy friends to act as "bouncers" in case your relative were to make an appearance.
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    I am so sorry for your loss.

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