Good afternoon Smart Canucks members,

Before I continue, I would just like to mention that I have read the rules of the forum prior to making this post and I do not believe that I am violating any of the rules. If I am, then by all means, please remove this post.

I have recently launched a new website (last night) called - It's a site (100% FREE) where users can post a law related question and expect to receive an answer providing them with "legal guidance". I created this website, because I have over 30 personal friends who are Lawyers and Paralegals (All members of the Law Society of Upper Canada) and I figured it would be great to create a law based community forum.

- This forum is 100% FREE.
- There is no commercial ads or Google Ads.

Again, just to remind you, this site IS NOT providing legal advice, but legal guidance. What's the difference? You can post a question on the site, for example, you received a parking ticket for parking illegally, but there was snow covering a sign that made the sign illegible. What do you do? Do you have an argument? - Post your question and someone who might have had similar situation could reply with what they did and what their end result was.

I have also created an animated explainer video which I published on YouTube:

Please keep in mind that this site is BRAND NEW and that there are no posts on it yet, however, I have sent an email to my circle of Lawyers and Paralegals to keep an eye on it for future posts. I will also personally reach out to them and send them a notification anytime there are new posts on the site so that they can chime in and help with a question that they might be able to help with.

I hope this site will serve well to its users and that you all enjoy it.

Thank you, Dov