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    After reading other's brags about the Maple Leaf coupons i've had to get in on the action. Last night I found a tear pad at the Sobey's on Prospect for the Bye 3 MapleLeaf, Prime, Schneiders, Larsens or Sunrise Products and get Free Ready Crisp or Suffed Chicken.

    Bought 3 ready scrips which included 3 peelies and use the tear pad coupon to get free Stuffed chicken which also included 1 peelie.

    Now i have 4 sets of coupons so will go tonight to get the some regular bacon + 1 more ready crips (with peelie) before it goes off sale and get more free Stuffed Chicken (with peelie) which will bring me back up to 3 full sets of coupons.

    Coupons are good till end of June so see lots of Bacon getting stocked up if i can keep my kids out of it.
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    I got 7 bacon for 49 cents each at Walmart last week.

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