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    I'm looking for a nice place to eat anywhere between Pearson airport and Vaughan mills mall. I would love something that offers high tea, or something like it. I'm meeting my mom for belated Mother's Day lunch and want something different than usual chain restaurants.

    the restaurant must off gluten free options, doesn't have to the entire menu just a few options.

    thank you
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    Unfortunately, the very thing you seek is usually found in downtown areas where an independent tea shop could be found or say a place like the Royal York Fairmont Hotel or the King Edward Hotel for their teas. I highly doubt the suburban/hwy 407 sections between Pearson Airport and Vaughan Mills can offer a tea shop, let alone gluten-free options.
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    i thought he was looking for restaurant start-up ideas .
    I was going to suggest bananas - everything banana on the menu
    and you call it simply 'The Banana Stand'
    would work anywhere
    There always money in a banana stand.

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