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Thread: Honey Berry?

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    Last year Dh arrived home with a whole truckload of plants for free that rcss had thrown out after closing garden centre. I planed some of them, but didn't have space for a lot of them. Anyways 2 of the plants that I didn't get around to dealing with survived the winter and are thriving. One is a goji berry bush and a honey berry bush. Which apparently some type of honeysuckle with these blue berries. They have blossoms but not sure if they will berries cause I might need 2 of them to pollinate and I am pretty sure no one else nearby has one and not sure if I can even buy another on and apparently I need to know whether I gave a late blooming or early blooming variety.
    Does anyone have any experience with these. Seeing as how it is thriving I figure I should find a home for it somewhere!
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    I just know honey berries are close to saskatoons.

    How they do for you will depend upon where you live.

    Some info here and more links - good luck!

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