Hi again!

I recently moved into a new home that happens to be in desperate need of hanging plants, but I do not mean to include the hanging flowers, ubiquitous in any garden centre, lovely as they are.

I want houseplants that are just green, to put it weirdly. Not that it matters, but I have a list to work from of air-purifying plants that are also non-toxic to the gaggle of cats currently running roughshod over this place.

I have never had plants of my own, but I really enjoyed them when I'd see them in the homes of relatives, when I was a child.

Do you buy them like that, fully grown? Can you grow a full plant from a clipping? What's clipping all about, anyway?!

Since I want a great deal of them ... I'd like a great deal on them. I can't justify spending even $10 per plant, on every single plant (pricey exceptions do of course apply) when I want this house half jungle.

Where do you get them? As in, which Garden Centres have either great discount sales or overall lowest pricing?

Lastly ... how the heck do you get them up on the ceiling? Do you have to screw in a big hook & eye hardware setup that'll leave a gaping hole in the ceiling? Or are there stands? I really have no idea how to do this, please advise!