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Thread: Post your Stockpile!

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    Here's a recent video of my stockpile if anyone is curious.

    Subscribe to my youtube channel for weekly VLOG updates on deals, couponing, & price matching. Happy couponing!

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    Wow, this is amazing. Good for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerey View Post
    Ièm going to go out on a limb here... Wow... you guys sure are buzz-kills for the stockpile thread! (IMHO...)

    Nothing wrong with a good stockpile, whether on the shelf or in the freezer! If it was free a couple years ago, I will gladly use it today!
    My LO plays with it all under supervision and it keeps her amused, so I don't mind. Most of our TP has been squashed by her trying to ride it like a push cart, and she makes interesting displays and lines with the shampoo/conditioner/bodywash collection we have.

    Quote Originally Posted by samm07 View Post
    With that said. I love that I have so much free detergent!
    I had lots of free detergent, but had to give it all away since LO developed lots of skin rashes and the doctor suggested fragrance-free, dye free, and then very little of what we do use. I could only use it if I was only doing DH's laundry and then sheets or towels somehow always need washing, so it's the more expensive brands that we have to use for now. All my free stuff is now for someone else and then I had to pay time and money to go pick it up!

    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgiaK View Post
    I feel sorry for the OP, she just wanted pics of stockpiles and she got this! LOL
    Don't feel too badly because she disappeared from SC over a month ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by lilo0003 View Post
    Major mom: I am with you on the cleaning, all the free scrubbing bubbles a few months. Ago I just ignored. It would take me years to use it and I still had loads of stuff, I rarely buy cleaning products, cause I don't want to be reminded I have to clean
    I actually stopped stockpiling cleaners because I found that I could clean things just as well or better than the commercial cleaners, just with things from around the house. I'll buy a cleaner if I need the spray bottle, but other than that, I don't think there's a need to cover anything with things that will stink up the place for awhile. All the cleaners I'm trying to pass off on relatives. They don't even want free or only the taxes.

    Most of the professional cleaners I've seen and heard of use much less harmful stuff, so I've been trying a page out of their books for awhile. No one has gotten more sick from it, and it's a lot less effort, plus cheaper. The best of both worlds!

    I will stock up on cleaners for people like my elderly parents, who find it really hard to bend and scrub though. Still, when you have limited mobility, things don't get as dirty quickly. I suppose that's one good thing about getting old.
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