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Thread: Cheap alternative to Feramax150 iron supplement

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    For anyone who is anemic or iron deficient, you must be familiar with Feramax150 iron supplements. They can be more expensive but easier on the stomach. Generally $80 for 100 at Shoppers.

    I've found a cheaper generic! I must share with your guys! :D

    Ferrex150 sold on is just as good! Only $26.38 for 100! That's a saving of $195.72 a year!
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    at Costco, this is without an prescription
    items without a prescription at Costco are usually much, much cheaper than drug stores or department stores
    in Ontario, you do not need a Costco membership to purchase over the counter medicine
    at the door, tell them you are going to the pharmacy and if they give you trouble, ask them to call their manager and tell the manager that Ontario law allows you to go to the pharmacy without a membership
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