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Thread: Nematode Carrot Infection

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    Hi Maggiespice, For the last two years, we had root maggots go after our leeks, onions, radishes, and the root systems of some of our broccoli. We were worried they're eventually get at our other crops, too, so this year we bit the bullet and ordered nematodes from West Coast Seeds. You typically preorder in the Spring and they are mailed to you in late May/early June. They are mixed with water and sprayed on the garden or raised beds. The nematodes go after the things that develop into root maggots. We noticed quite a difference this year, almost no damage to what we harvested. The nematodes are not inexpensive, though. Including shipping, it came to around $56. It covers a lot of area, though, so if your garden is small, you could always share with a friend or neighbour.

    I'm not sure if this helps? For us, it was the root maggots that did the damage, and nematodes were what remedied the problem - the nematodes didn't do the damage, in our case.
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