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Thread: (Almost) Free college/university-ON-2017/18

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciel View Post
    Two articles on recent realities for the post-secondary students who may not be able to fund all their expenses:
    Read both of these articles and as a university student myself, it is very sad to see that there are so many students who can't afford groceries, I was fortunate enough to find Smart Canucks and build up my couponing knowledge in order to help myself save enough that I can afford to eat well on a very small budget ($50/month compared to people spending more than double to get what I get). This was one of the reasons I tried to start up a club at my university (Brock Affordable Groceries for Students or B.A.G.S. for short), but unfortunately, school ironically, got in the way of me starting it up. And because of Smart Canucks, I was able to better budget myself then I ever have before in other ways. For example, for my next class term (May-Aug 2017), I was able to make myself a preliminary budget and determine that with OSAP and my "Other Income" (Benefits), I'll end up with an overage of over $2,500 for that term. Smart Canucks should try to advertise to the student populous, this is a site that every student should at least know about!!
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    This week, Ontario has been holding court on the new Ontario Student Grants in the media.
    Matthews, who returned to university at age 42 to finish a bachelor of arts degree — continuing on to earn a doctorate — said about 150,000 students will receive the free tuition, which includes teens as well as mature students.
    The cost of the tuition is expected to be covered by the elimination of post-secondary tax credits. (The government currently spends $1.3 billion on OSAP/student aid, and provides $400 million in tax credits.)
    NDP MPP Peter Tabuns (Toronto-Danforth) wonders if the government really has the funding to cover the free tuition plan, and while it’s a “good idea that mature students have the funding … if they are just simply repackaging previous allocations, what are the implications of that?”
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    ​Juggling June's wants with insufficient funds.

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