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Thread: Perpetual disappointment at Hallmark store and other unhelpful clerks

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    So I was at the Hallmark store last night trying to get a Winnie the Pooh birthday card for my brother in his late 30s. It's a insider thing in which I'd get him Winnie the Pooh stuff all the time.

    The card area at the Hallmark store was only 25% more than the card aisle at Shoppers Drug Mart. I spent about 10 minutes, looking up and down 3 times, couldn't find a Winnie the Pooh card. So I asked the clerk, "Can you help me? I want a Winnie the Pooh Birthday Card." She reply, "Depends on what it is, it's all over the place." Then I said, "Where do you have kid's birthday card? I want a Winnie the Pooh card." She walked towards the card area, I followed her and she asked again, "What kind of card are you looking for?" I said again,"I want a Winnie the Pooh card. Where do you keep the Disney stuff?" She replied, "They are all over the place, really depends on what it is."

    I got so frustrated, but realized that she isn't familiar with her inventory and unwilling to admit her incompetency. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed she heard me, but she's just doesn't know what cards they carry despite half the of shelves are empty. I am actually rather proud of myself for walking out when she said, "they are all over the place." the third time. I would normally point out and argue what do you mean all over the place when I can't even see one?

    This is what frustrates me about shopping retails. Retailers complain about consumers shopping online because it is more convenient, but I actually think that online stores offer better information. These days, you can't even expect a shoe store clerk to know how to measure feet! Most sales people focus on studying sales technique and manipulation that they know nothing about their products! Don't even get me started with cosmetic counters...
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    Minimum wage=minimum effort in some jobs. Sorry to read of your disappointment in the card store. Hope you found the card
    somewhere else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciel View Post
    Minimum wage=minimum effort
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    Actually those who have no work ethics does not care, regardless of pay. #SeenIt
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