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Thread: Produce & Grocery Staples Deals In Flyers September 22-29

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    Expired on: Fri, Sep 30th, 2016

    If brand is not stated, it is store brand
    Don't forget, shop the outside of the store and only venture in for coupons!

    Make sure you check the hot deals thread for stock up deals!
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    Atlantic Superstore
    Pork loin combo chops $1.77/lb
    Extra lean ground beef $3.77/lbb
    Atlantic butter $2.88
    Atulfo mangoes $2.49 each + 1000 PC Plus each
    Campbell's soups (basics) $0.50
    General Mills cereals $2.99

    Food Basics
    Mixed peppers 4pk $1.79
    Romaine hearts $1.79/pk
    Honeydew or Watermelon $1.99ea
    Cantaloupes $1.99ea
    Pork loin in cornmeal $1.99/lb
    Bagels 4pk $0.99
    Astro Smooth & Fruity 4pk $0.99
    Utility turkey $0.99/lb
    Pillsbury crescents/wraps $0.99
    Primo beans, sauce or pasta $0.99
    Broccoli $0.99ea
    Mini/baby carrots $0.99/pk
    Strawberries 1lb $1.99
    San Daniele Mortadella or Silani cheese slices $0.99

    Atlantic salmon fillets $8.99/lb
    McIntosh apples $0.69/lb
    10lb potatoes, beets, carrots or onions $1.99ea
    Welch's frozen fruit $2.99
    Boneless pork loin chops/roasts $1.99/lb
    Maple Leaf Country Kitchen or Schneiders hams 800g $6.50 + 500 points
    Kellogg's cereals $2.99
    Country Harvest / D'Italiano bread $2.49
    Inside Round Roast $3.99/lb

    Strawberries 1lb $1.88
    Compliments ham $1.88/lb
    Skinless bone in chicken breast $2.44/lb
    Kraft peanut butter $2.88
    Sweet bell peppers (red orange yellow) $0.99/lb
    Cantaloupe $1.29ea
    Cauliflower $1.99
    Dempsters bread $1.99

    Giant Tiger
    Maple Leaf Country Kitchen hams $5.97
    Wonderbread $2
    Broccoli $1ea
    Mushrooms $1/pk
    Eggs 12s $1.98

    Loblaws (ON)
    Boneless skinless chicken breast $3.77/lb
    Por back ribs $2.99/lb
    Bananas $0.59/lb
    Lactantia butter $2.99
    Kelloggs cereals $2.99
    Lantic sugar $1.49
    Unico vegetable oil 2L $2.49
    Tilapia fillets $7.99/lb
    Lean ground beef $3.99/lb

    Dole Iceberg bags $0.93
    Baby cut carrots or mushrooms $0.93/pk
    Eggs 12s $1.90
    Mozzarellissima 1kg $9.44
    Pork back ribs $2.85/lb
    Arctic Gardens frozen vegetables $2.42
    Tomatoes on vine $0.94/lb
    Celery $0.72ea
    Mixed peppers 2.5lb $1.96
    Cauliflower $1.33ea
    McIntosh apples $0.88/lb
    Catelli pasta $0.88/pk

    Metro (ON)
    Strawberries 1lb $1.88
    5lb carrots or onions or 680g mini potatoes 3 for $5
    3lb seedless oranges or clementines $2.88
    BOGO whole chicken $3.79/lb
    Tilapia fillets $5.99/lb
    Pork chops $1.99/lb
    Boneless blade steak or roast $3.99/lb
    Selection eggs 12s $1.99
    Delishop hams $6

    No Frills (ON)
    Eggs 18s $2.88
    Strawberries 1lb $1.87
    Chicken legs or thigs $1.77/lb
    Basmati rice 4kg $8.88
    Old Mill bread $1.74
    Country Harvest bread $2
    McIntosh apples $0.87/lb
    Broccoli $0.97ea
    Field peppers (red, orange and yellow) $0.97/lb

    No Frills (West)
    Eggs 18s $2.97
    Pork half loin $1.87/lb
    24pk water $1.97
    Cucumbers $0.87ea

    RCSS (ON)
    McIntosh apples $0.88/lb
    Bartlett pears $0.88/lb
    Seedless oranges $0.88/lb
    Lean ground beef $2.98/lb
    Cauliflower $1.98ea
    3lb bags carrots or onions or 2lb beets $1.48

    RCSS (West)
    Chicken drumsticks $1.98/lb
    Tomatoes on vine $0.96/lb
    Royal Gala apples $0.87/lb
    Potatoes 20lb $4.96
    Wonderbread $2
    Kelloggs cereals $2.97

    Sobeys Urban Fresh
    Nothing at great prices this week

    Sobeys (ON)
    Rainbow trout fillets $7.99/lb
    Cauliflower $1.49ea
    Compliments butter $2.99

    Walmart (ON)
    Maple Leaf bacon $2.37
    Great Value butter $2.97
    Eggs 12s $1.97
    Kelloggs Corn Flakes $2.97
    Whole chicken $1.97/lb

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    Thank you Fallen. Nice to know.........................

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    Thank you.

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