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Thread: Mail Issues

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    So the mailbox in my building hasn't been fixed. Getting the run around - Canada Post says it is the landlords job, landlord says it's Canada Posts job. Why in the hell does this happen?! BLAH! Yay! Now I get to pick up my ma once a week at a post office depot that is far away from my building! And go to the landlord tenant board to figure this out!! END RANT. 😡😡😡😡😡😡👊🏻👊🏻😡

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    i remember when the postal box IN our building broke.. it was our building that had to replace it (just like a house has to provide it's own mailbox) was a pain in the butt going down to the processing depot to pick it up, it wasn't in the best area of town nor did they have decent hours (pretty much anyone who worked would never be able to pick up their mail)
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    Because it's in an apartment building, I can visualize two possible scenarios here:

    1.) Your mailboxes are the traditional pidgeon-hole or bin type that are (likely) built into the wall. Probably something similar to these:

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    And either it's just YOUR box that's broken, or it's the array of boxes (because usually there's one bolt-key that opens the whole array). But either way, if this is the type of mailbox system in your building then yes, it IS your landlord that needs to fix it. Canada Post has nothing to do with it.

    The other option is more recent:
    2.) In the past couple of years CanadaPost has been supplying the community type mailbox arrays to apartment buildings... These are the same/similar ones that were being installed at the end of streets, cul-de-sacs, etc. as part of the community mailbox initiative to reduce delivery times. These have a familiar array of individual mailboxes, and also have a few parcel sized boxes where they can leave the occasional package delivery.

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    These arrays are usually only mounted to the floor, and are NOT part of the construction of the building. I've seen them inside a vestibule, in the lobby or other secure area, but I've also seen them just outside the apartment building as well.

    They may not be EXACTLY like pictured, but they would be similar and most importantly have a CANADA POST logo prominently displayed on them. THESE mailboxes ARE the responsibility of Canada Post to repair.

    I happen to use one of these. I don't live in a building, I own a house and there are two of these at the end of my street to serve the 20-25 homes. If my lock breaks (which it has) I have to call Canada Post to come fix it. They do pretty much the next day, then they call me to advise to come (with ID) to pick up the keys at the nearest postal outlet.

    So, if it's one of these CanadaPost arrays and it's just YOUR key or lock (and only affects you) then yes, Canada Post "should" handle your request directly, such as I just described. -- If this is your case, I would be more assertive with them on it. Make sure the person on the phone is aware that it's CANADA POST that supplied the mailbox array. And it's YOUR personal mailbox that's affected, so your landlord shouldnt need to get involved.

    Even *if* the problem is affecting more tenants and the entire building, the problem is with the boxes that Canada Post installed and maintains. YOUR mail delivery (among other residents) is being affected, so it should make no difference who calls CP to have it fixed. They shouldnt be giving you the run-around regardless. (unless there is something agreed upon between a landlord and CP that I dont know about)

    On the other hand, regardless who it affects if your landlord (or super if you have one) is any bit worth his/her salt, THEY should be calling Canada Post simply out of courtesy because that array serves his/her tenants. Instead of just passing the buck.

    Hope you get it fixed soon.
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