First, this has been posted elsewhere and typically reposting here I wouldnt do as I didnt find it myself, however this is such a great deal.

Heres the INFO

signup with Fido right now

get 3 GB of DATA a month for $15
and get a LG G PAD III android tablet FREE (requires 2 year contract)

You can take the sim card out of the tablet and put it in your phone, use voip or text now or dell voice to call and text
and have a really cheap cell phone plan

(if you never call or text, this plan can also do so but its very expensive so i dont recommend for heavy call/text users, use an app instead)

The tablet is $239.99 at best buy

in total 2 years will cost $ 360 + tax

must signup in store

Pick mailed statement as you can then get an extra $10 bonus by switching to E statements at a later date!

If you get someone who already has a fido account refer you then you get an extra $25 bonus! (which I can provide on request or get it from a friend)

you may pay an extra $10+ tax for sim card, $15 activation fee