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Thread: An email to Visa Checkout...

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    Seriously... Several people I know got this email over the weekend. Myself, my mother, my brothers, and a friend...

    It's from Visa Checkout asking people to CLICK the link provided and SIGN IN.


    *AND* it's legitemate!
    (I'm an I.T. Professional and have traced the links and they go back to the authentic Visa Checkout host sites.)
    AND it has to be the most phishing sounding subject line...

    Email subject line: Log in to Visa Checkout to avoid interrupted service
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    I decided to write them a pretty stern email shaming them on this... see below:

    Seriously, you folks should be ashamed of yourself.

    You folks (banks, financial institions, etc) are the VERY entities that tell people to NOT click on email links that lead people to sites that require them to enter their password… and then you go and pull this.

    I am a trained IT professional, so I was able to discern (myself) that this email went to the legit site, but I have had family members consult me to ask if this email itself was legitimate or not. To your discredit, I told them NO… NEVER CLICK A LINK THAT ASKS YOU FOR YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION AND PASSWORD. So they would not (and should not) EVER question any other emails that might come into their possession asking them to login to a site.

    Seriously guys… you can’t preach to customers to NOT do something, and then go ahead and request they do exactly what you told them NOT to do…

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    I don't do Visa Checkout so this doesn't impact me but if I were to get that email, the first and only place it would go is my spam folder. That's a not very well thought-out email from them.
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    I don't use it either, however, first thing I would do is go to the actual site and log in from there.
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