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Thread: Strangers who push you or abuse you for no reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by torontogal12 View Post

    Thanks so much for hearing me out and your sympathy, everyone! I just needed to feel like there were still good people in this world (nowadays, seems like a tall order)
    hopefully there won't be more incidents like this in 2017
    my wish for you: that you win the car from Timmy's roll up the rim 2017

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    I should get my own studded jacket (unlikely that brother will give me his jacket and let me put studs all over the bottom edge and sleeves) and get recording equipment-a woman parked on the crosswalk yesterday decided to move her car an inch or so forward when I was going around her car's front end when I had the walk light. I had to yell Whoa, I have the light and pointed at it. She just looked that way and then made her turn. She could have done that turn after stopping when her light was red and way was clear BEFORE I had the light the other way.
    @torontogal12 -glad you safeguarded your hand. Never let it get wedged between two hard things-years of pain and the ability to notice pressure drops in the atmosphere (random but it happens) will follow. That woman will get her outcome and be laughed at.

    @ShwaGirl -if we want @torontogal12 set up with a new car, there needs to be insurance coverage too. Toronto has many posh car dealers-there has to be something offering a contest win car with coverage. Though I personally would never have the nerve to drive a car up Toronto Eaton's Centre's winding parkade entrance. Was a passenger in my brother's Civic hatchback when he used the parkade-major heebie jeebies. Too tight and close for my liking. I actually did walk up to a model of last year's Roll Up the Win car at a Tim Horton's during the 2016 contest and noted how grey inside and out the car was plus how high the back end seemed (very angled back windshield as well). I'm thinking a crossover vehicle or small SUV would provide more window area and a higher ride to deal with seeing Toronto's pedestrians in the busy interections (not to mention through the shadows cast by tall buildings). Extra points if the vehicle comes with an aftermarket paint job and ground effects lighting!
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    March-found $50. OK April, step up the cash!

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