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Thread: Finally Learned Financial Self Control!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by barbis9 View Post
    Has anyone tried the money in the jars - Gail Val-Oxlade method?
    I have not tried that, but that is where I got my idea to use cash only for everything. I used to watch her program all the time as she has excellent suggestions. It seems that most of the people on her show using the jar method were successful. It is a matter of keeping track of every dime you spend and not going over your allotment.
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    I love the idea of the jar system but don't like carrying cash. I live by a budget but use my credit card for everything. I never carry a balance or pay interest. It works for me.
    I do take $40 cash out a month and put in a jar for $ for school (pizza day, school trips etc) It is way more then needed so letting it build I do take mad money each pay for my wallet. I haven't needed it lately so have put it towards other things.
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    Congrats, maggiespice!
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    congrats maggiespice!!! you are on a roll....

    I use one credit card (PC one) because I get free groceries off that card. I do track every single penny we spend (old fashioned way with pen and ledger and it is so amazing how one spends less just tracking our expenses. It does help that I have a hubby that doesn't spend - just gas and haircuts lol Pretty content fellow he is!
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