Hi Everyone, I just completed a Market Research assignment in town and I got paid $20.00 for submitting the completed Market Research Report.

I bought an item for $4.97 and was reimbursed by SQM for the item (a really cute tank top) and paid me $20.00 for submitting the report. I received the money about a month after I completed the report (It was a long wait to find out if it was legit) but I'm so happy they are a real and reputable company

Total Cash Back was: $25.00

They also have great deals on Travel!
  • 50% off Train Tickets
  • 50% off Canadian bus tickets
  • Up to $50 towards US Bus Tickets
  • 50% off Flights
  • Hotel Deals
  • & More

I can't wait to try flying with them! Has anyone else traveled with SQM (Sensors Quality Management Inc.)?

How easy was it to fill out the report? I would love to hear your stories!