Smartsource.ca Printed:
$3wub2 tide, gain, downy or bounce
$1 right guard deodorant
$2wub2 crest
$2 pampers wipes
$3 dove hair care
$1 lady speed stick

Smartsource portal:
$1.50 dove body wash
$1.50 dove men+care body wash

$1.50 nivea body lotion
$1.50 pizza snax
$2 nivea face product

$1wub2 crispy minis rice chips or rice cakes
$1 wub2 wavy lays chips

Save.ca & walmart portal:
Fpc whiskas
$3.00 Loreal feria hair dye
$3.00 excellence creme hair dye
$3.00 superior preference hair dye

Brandsaver Insert:
$3.50 wub3 crest

Other inserts:
$5 schwarzkopf hair dye
$2.00 goody brush
$0.50 goody
$0.50 sunlight dish soap

Tear pads:
$2 tylenol
Delissio rustico or thin crust
Giuepsse pizza

$1 sc johnson
$1 cashmere (gold)
$1 sponge towel
$2 vaseline

Company coupons:
$1 royale ned
$1/$5 colgate-palmolive
Revlon/almay $1
$5 duracell
Purina mail outs
$2 persil
J&J company mail out good on tylenol or aveeno

Printables no longer available to print:
$2 royale velour
$1.50 arm & hammer laundry detergent

Not sure if there are coupons for these items:

Jamieson vitamin d
G.u.m. good on any
Nivea body wash
St.ives body wash
Vim good on 1 (not wub2)
$2 ukotex
Tidy cat litter
$2 scotch any product
$2 Knorr wub2

New Redplum:
Lady speed stick coupons $1.00 & $2.50
Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush
Irish spring body wash


$1 resolve pre-treatment
$3 airwick freshmatic starter kit or scented oil
Try it free airwick pure (only want 1)
Try it free ky lubricant (only want 1)
Try it free resolve (only want 1)