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    Some have bought pregnancy tests at the dollar store. To be sure, you can get free pregnancy tests through your local public health unit. They also provide
    -Free counselling
    - low cost birth control, usually over age 16
    - morning after pill, low cost
    - free testing for sexually transmitted infection
    - confidential testing

    For example, in Ontario at the Region of Peel, they say
    Pregnancy Tests
    A pregnancy test is the only way to know for sure that you are pregnant.
    While you might be tempted to buy a home pregnancy testing kit, don’t. Your results might be false if you do the test too soon or you don’t follow the directions precisely. Bleeding and other vaginal secretions can also affect home pregnancy test results.
    There are two types of tests: a urine test and a blood test.
    Urine Tests
    Urine tests are done after you’ve missed your period or you’ve had an unusual or irregular period.
    If the test is done too soon the result may not be accurate.
    You can get a urine test at:

    Blood Tests
    A blood test for pregnancy:

    • Will give you an accurate result by 2 weeks after conception or about when your last period is due.
    • Can indicate how long you’ve been pregnant
    • Is ordered by a doctor and done in a clinic
    • Is covered by OHIP.

    Region of Peel website to make appointments:
    Other Ontario Public Health Units:

    Also free in other provinces. For example, in Alberta, free pregnancy test at:
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