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Thread: G&S Dye, Toronto

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    As some of you may know, I paint watercolours, but I've wanted to broaden my interests and since my late Best Friend and I wanted to learn how to paint silk scarves, I decided this would be a good time to try my hand at it. It seems my watercolour techniques come quite close to what I'll be doing with fabrics.

    I went on the website and just picked out a couple of different scarves as my first order which came to about $10 without taxes, and when the CP shipping charge came to just over $16, I was floored!!!
    So, I emailed them and complained about that charge and received a response almost immediately letting me know that yes, that's an overcharge and that they're trying correct that 'app' in their system, but for now, he suggested I phone in my order to receive the proper shipping charge, which should be about $3 or so which is absolutely reasonable. Not only that, he also let me know that after I register on that site I'd receive a $5 shipping coupon!

    So all in all, I went from gasping for air, to very satisfied with the service I received. My inks/dyes will cost more in shipping because of course they're a bulkier item, but I'm guessing not in that $16 neighbourhood!

    I'd like to drop in when we're in TO in June when my DH has his check-up at Women's College hospital...cha-ching, I bet!! It's so much easier to make purchases when one can feel the different qualities of the scarves and everything else that goes with them!

    Anyhoodles...just fyi..
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    I AGREE Lynn .. so many companies does this .. don't understand why shipping have be more then we spend on our merchandise.. I guess we all need do what you done email company and complain on shipping.. maybe those companies will change their shipping prices.. way go sweetie .. hope your scarves turn out beautiful.. I'm sure they will ... guess I'll have put my order in for one now .. before you get swamped with orders .. Take good care yourself 😘😘

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    I cannot remember now which sites but I have been on a few browsing, loading up my " cart " with half decent items and then exited very fast once I saw that the shipping outpriced what I had bought! ha ha So glad your issue was handled with some decent CS.
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