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Thread: The Mobile Shop - LG G4 Almost Free - Hot deal

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    The Mobile shop has a sale on the LG G4 with Koodo now. This is what the calculation looks like -

    240$ on tab
    10$ SIM card * 1.13 tax =11.30
    28$ per month for tab small x 3 = 95.13$
    -25$ referral credit
    -300$ worth of PC points [ 200$ plus 100$ extra - not sure if it is this weekend or goes for sometime]

    You might be able to get seasonal hold [$15 x 3 months (On seasonal mode for 3 months) + tax = $51]which would bring the price down to 24$ for the phone.

    Some people got the small tab as 25$ in some TMS stores. I went to 2 , one of them said the plan is 30$ per month and nothing else. I then went to another store and they gave me 28$ plan per month.
    It's almost like they are paying you to get the phone. If you also stick with the referrals you don't have to shell out anything from your pocket . you might also be able to make money as Koodo sends you a cheque for the balance referral credit you have after you have paid your tab.

    This deal is most likely to be until 14th June

    Feel free to click on my referral link to use below to get 25$ bonus discount.
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    Koodo - gets 25$ for both of us

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