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Thread: Frozen store bought chicken strips/tenders?

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    So we recently bought a big box 2.5kg of frozen chicken tenders from Whole Sale, brand Golden Maple, and we did not like it. The breading was too thick and every other piece of chicken had a stringy muscle thing? I don't know how else to describe it. We will not buy it again, that's for sure. We have tried several brands including Jane's. We even made our own which we think are the best so far but it does takes time to make big batches. We are looking for frozen ones for quick easy meals.
    Of course, we love the ones that Costco serves in their fast food section. I don't think those are the kirkland brand because I checked the bags and they don't look the same.

    What brands have you tried? Good and bad? Thanks.
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    Janes is our usual, but I personally don't care for them. I like the PC Southern Crunch chicken strips but haven't purchased them in a long, long time because of the jump in price. They're nearly $20 a box!! When I was buying them they'd go on sale for $6 or $7, like Janes does quite often.

    We've also tried the Janes Ultimates Boneless Bites. They're ok, a step up from regular Janes, but again, expensive. I've managed to get them for about $6 per box when I had a $2 coupon and price matching with another store. RCSS doesn't seem to put them on sale very often.

    Or, like you, I just make my own, but that's such a messy hassle.
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    The best frozen nuggets and tenders I've found are Hampton House, from Costco. Those might be the ones you see in the bags there, but are not the ones in the food court. The strips are very good, whole pieces of chicken. Nuggets are better quality than, say, pc brand ones.
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