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Thread: No Frills refuses $5.00 McCormick coupon

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    If a store's policy is not to allow overage, then indeed, they can either not accept the coupon at all, or they can input the coupon at the selling price of the product - (to which they then indicate such on the coupon....and this is not only for the manufacturer, but also the store's cash office so they can verify that register's totals at the end of the day). Any manufacturer will tell you that they do not control a store's coupon guidelines (Walmart Canada has guidelines...not policy) or policies, so one store allowing overage and another not is up to the store. Can't claim more for a coupon than the coupon is worth - however, the store can adjust a coupon value down if their guideline or policy states no overage.

    I believe going forward we will see a change in McCormick's coupons. This "fiasco" with this coupon has opened their eyes up to many things.

    I myself do not believe in giving overages -- unless that overage is to purchase MORE of that manufacturer's product. When it is being used to purchase another manufacturer's product -- or to receive cash or a gift card back for the difference -- that I do not agree with.

    I think that is why we are now starting to see more manufacturers putting wording in their terms regarding no overages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnb56789 View Post
    This coupon has just been tricky anywhere and everywhere people try to use it. I mainly try Walmart to get the overage they are suppose to give in their Coupon policy. So far I've tried TEN Walmarts and trying THREE more over the next few weeks, and five of the ten have accepted, with one beginning to deny. I have 24 left and just want to get them used up and over with. I've have heard everything for them denying the coupon including; "One coupon per transaction", "It's a store coupon, not a manufacturer", "We don't give overage", "It's too much overage, so we don't give it", "It HAS to be the one in the picture, despite the ANY wording". This is a love/hate coupon for me.
    I on the other hand have NEVER been denied using this coupon. I have used it at 7 or 8 WM's without issues. One cashier in Wasaga Beach said someone had driven from a ways out of town only to be denied using the McCormick coupon. The manager on that particular evening allowed me to use it regardless. I have helped support 2 families this Christmas with gifts and food. I talked to the manager at my Zehrs and he told me to take all the coupons I wanted if it was to benefit the needy. I used the last one a week ago.
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    Open an account with Tangerine (ING) using my ORANGE KEY...29564343S1. When you open an account and deposit 100.00 you and I will both receive $25.00. Wait that's not all.....I will also send you 15.00 worth of coupons from your wishlist as a way of saying thanks.

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    I was able to use a bunch of these coupons today at Wal-Mart but the 2nd order they questioned them. Happy to have stocked up on some groceries and food for animals. And gravy!!

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