Asking you guys this to see if you can answer my question better than did based on your experience.

I recently tried after being directed to it via another site. I later accessed them directly in attempts to troubleshoot why their "updated" coupon printing app would not install. I'm using Firefox and still using XP. I clicked the "update button" and nothing happens. I waited probably 10 minutes, still nothing. I disabled ad blockers. Nothing happened. I opened a new page and let the coupon page run in the background in case if my computer was too slow, which it isn't, and fiddled around on facebook or something. Finally, after probably a half hour a window appears prompting me to save the file that updates it (supposedly). I go to save it and my antivirus stops it, saying it's infected. (I tried uploading into this post a jpg and then a png that was a screenshot of the alert but that too isn't working! The name of the file detected by Avast was "FileRepMalware"). first just sent automated generalized info, then the second time, as quoted below, I was told they no longer support the app and gave me instructions on how to solve the problem, with no acknowledgment of the malware message. So is this now an app that can only be used on phones? I have an iPad, a tablet, and a phone, but don't use it for a "phone" ( I just use it like an ipod). Can it still be used on computers prior to Windows 10, which use "programs" instead of "apps"? Have any of you had a warning of a virus or malware lurking in this "updater" on their site?

Below is their reply.

"Please be advised that the Coupon Printer has been discontinued and no longer supported by us. You would need to use our latest coupon printing technology, called Print Verification.

Steps to take in order to print using new Print technology:

Step 1: You will need uninstall the Coupon Printer from your Laptop or Desktop computer.

Step 2: Must have a valid mobile number from a US based wireless provider that is able to send and receive SMS text messages.
Go to

Step 3:
If you are not able to receive text messages, we can verify your Landline phone number. Follow the instructions here: "