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Thread: Shoppers Drug Mart, (ON) June 16 - 22

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    For the record, (in case you missed it the last 3 years, or so) -- if anyone, ANYONE, posts SDM, I will eternally sing their praises, as I hate, hate, hate posting this flyer with the fire of a thousand burning suns. Clearly, there is something defective in my programming in that I continue to sneak it out there...or even parts of it in other places...

    ...ack, never mind, I'm going for a food break!

    Look for Pizza Pizza 10% off, and Jack Astors, etc gc!
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    Thanks Cyn we've got to find a way to make you luv sdm as m.uch as we do

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    Thanks for posting, Cyn.
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    You saving me from the possible non-delivery of flyers again this week!
    The 3 for $5 single serve Pepsi bottle offer will be a good deal during the week for cold drinks if one misses the 6-pack sale on Saturday.

    The late Anthony Bourdain enjoyed eating cooked brains, @cyn88canada . Just look for old No Reservations episodes. He also likely had a couple of recipes on how to prepare them. Nose to tail, he was a meat fan.
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    Thanks, cyn!

    The last page of the flyer shows Garnier Fructis on sale for $2.99. What it doesn't show is that there is an in-store bonus points offer of 3,000 for every 2 GF shampoo or conditioner you buy. There is an insert coupon (last month's SmartSource or RedPlum) for $2.00 WUB2. Throw in a 20X the points day, like today, and it's basically FREE shampoo and conditioner! (See my brag in the deals section.)

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