I've been playing around on the Shoppers Beauty Boutique and came up with the following:

I was able to get 8 assorted Olay products ( they are on sale for 24.99 from 33.99) for 201.91 and get 141,015 pc points back. The Olay are 17,000 bonus points for 2 and the Cyber Monday bonus of 70,000 points when you spend 200.00

Better still combining the Revlon deal that I posted earlier and the Olay I was able to get 4 Olay products for 24.99, regular 33.99, and 18 Revlon nail polishes for a total of 207.78 getting 161,105 points back. You could definitely tweak those numbers for more or less of Olay and Revlon and get better numbers I was just fooling around with different amounts. The Revlon nail polishes are 5.99 and when you buy 2 you get 6000 points back, pretty much a BOGO already.