Our son got possession of a house on May 15th. Yard and house neglected for the last 7 years (previous owner was a foreign university student) - so far 3 truck loads to the dump from demo-ing inside the house. First order of business to gut the basement suite to the studs and reorganize walls, bathroom, kitchen and level floor. Someone was demolishing a house so on Kijiji for $600 he got “beautiful” new kitchen cabinets, sink, $200 kitchen tap, countertop. They threw in the dishwasher and the newish outside deck!! My husband (carpenter) figures deck wood alone worth $800. Reno going great due to lots of 12-14 hour days! Son on holidays and my husband is suppose to be retired. (I go reno and clean on my days off of work.) Hoping to get the suite rented out by July 1st.