The address for the grocery store is 3324 Dundas St W in Toronto, Ontario. It is open daily 10-6.

"The world’s first pay-what-you-can grocery store, bakery, and coffee shop opened its doors this past weekend with a marvellous turnout. This unique grocery store is one more of Chef Jagger Gordon’s, founder and operator of Feed It Forward, initiatives in helping those with food insecurities. In its aim to be a waste-free, environmentally friendly facility, the store is initiating a Bring Your Own Container (BYOC) program. For any waste that is produced, Feed It Forward has partnered with various local programs that will either recycle or reuse their waste. The store’s interior will feature merchandising units (tables, shelves, display cabinetry) which were constructed using recycled and reclaimed materials.
With a lineup out the door on the first day of service and dedicated volunteers, the store has high hopes of continuing its success."