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Thread: Shoppers Drug Mart (ON, gta) July 20 - 25

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    Hear me, hear me! The people have spoken! And, they looooove their SDM! (Which, I do not, as you allll well!) So, here ya go, here it is!

    Thanks to those who chipped in -- you're right, it's really the only "sneak" flyer, since so many are now "live" around midnight...? Meh, I wish they'd go back to Friday start dates. Anyway, I digress -- it's very easy for me to forget that other people like SDM flyers. I really don't find much useful in it, personally -- but, I have to admit, when some of you point out the points earnings & how to double/triple deals, I am impressed! Have not scored a major points haul yet, but SDM hates me as much as I hate it, and won't send me targeted! Thanks for the coffee (icons) -- they keep me chugging along.

    Uhh...oops...I said "minimal blurbing" elsewhere. Hah.

    SATURDAY/SUNDAY LOOK FOR: bottom of page 3

    Buy a beautyBoutique gift card and get 15000 PCO points for a $150 gc, or 10000 PCO points for a $100gc. Limit $500/customer. READ THE FINE PRINT! (I tried, but them my eyes glazed over...) I think some SC were really interested the last time they had this on sale...

    Cheers all, I'm done for this week! Happy heat waving to ya!
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    Thank you. I know you hate this one but it really helps us point addicts to plan
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    Thank you thank you thank you, @cyn88canada !

    Not a ton of deals this week, but still my fave flyer!
    Sabra Hummus at $2.99 is a decent price, if it's the normal ~280 g size.
    PC Great Canadian ground coffee (~875-900g) has been on sale almost every other week! Still an unbeatable price at $6.99.

    I hate that they've started to use a lot of buy 2 for $x, but buy 1 for inflated price. ARG! I got caught out by that so many times when RCSS started that pricing years ago. SO ANNOYING.

    Bonus points on the "Beauty" gift cards are a big deals because you *should* be able to be used for any purchase in the store. I had a "beauty" dept card valid for any purchase, but that was before they put the points on "Beauty" only gift cards, so don't know if they've put any other limitations in the computer system.
    There was a thread in another canadian deal forum in the past few months, but can't remember what the verdict was.
    I honestly don't think they can limit your puchase to just beauty purchases -- it's basically just the picture on the front of the card.
    Read earlier today that ULTA BEAUTY is expanding into Canada (yay !!!) - so maybe they're trying to get people to sink lots of money so they won't have anything left to spend at ULTA .

    Up to program change at the end of 2017 they used to give points on all gift card purchases, but have only run the odd promo on general store gift cards (i think twice in the last 1.5 years). I wish they would do more. I can still us up the card just buying eggs & milk every week (does take a while though!)
    Of course, if a person doesn't "collect" PC Optimum points, it's all useless.

    AND 100,000 pts on PC Mastercard application! I missed the last 2 promos, wasn't expecting another one so soon! Now i wonder if i should hold out for more bonus points....

    That's it from me!
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    Love the Friday 20x offer!

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    Awesome price on pisrachios tytyty

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    Thank you Cyn!! Much appreciated.

    Gift card offer would be great, they always have them when I'm away.

    Also, Kraft peanut butter with 3000 points on Friday (last week's flyer), likely great deal after 6pm Friday when price should change to $4.99.

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