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Thread: I know it is just a sink plug but.....

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    So I am not sure who else suffers with defective or just plain poorly designed sink stoppers but I have HAD it with the many metal versions I have bought over the years to use in my kitchen sink(s).
    The last 2 I paid over $10.00 ea for at Home Depot! What a sucker I was, they are already annoying the heck out of me.

    I've never owned a dishwasher so yeah, I generally fill the sink with the hottest soapy water and then let the items soak a bit until my hands can be placed in there.
    Then I would scream in disappointment upon return to see all the water had drained out, of course wasting the dish soap that I had squirted in there too.

    Well no more!

    At the Dollar store I found 2 of these little blue rubber numbers. I'll admit I was first drawn to them by the comical slender blue arm that protrudes up from the middle, but gambling on spending a $1.25 on each I was not disappointed! They work better than any of the metal versions I've used in the past.
    To be sure though I also bought one of those larger all flat rubber circular numbers that gets placed over top of the blue stopper, creating a suction.
    It worked well without that larger one over top but I'll probably keep using the 2 together just to avoid watching anymore dish soap go down the drain before I've washed the darn dishes. lol

    oh yeah, if you want to see the arm that sticks up better in the picture just click on the magnify button.
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    I'll allow that the metal basket strainers in metal or enamel sinks in the past 20 years have been not so good at keeping water in. I seldom use sink strainers as I often run the tap as I wash from a soapy bowl or whatever else I squirted the Palmolive soap into.
    Yes, some dishes that have hard crusts (oatmeal! dried fried egg remnants!) need a good soaking or someone in a good humour to scrape the lot off.

    Thanks for sharing your stopper find! It may rescue others in the same situation.
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