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Thread: QOTD: Do you check your receipt, before leaving the store?

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    Yes always ! Sometimes they make a mistake and charge you twice for an item or the sale price didn't ring up. Always check before leaving !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shwa Girl View Post
    Some retailers confuse me when they ask, do you want the receipt. Are they trying to save paper? At the gas station, the cashier was new and did not apply my Air Miles. The cashier admitted he forgot how to do it and had to call his boss at home. I could have lost Air Miles, if I did not ask.
    At Longos express lane checkout, you don't always get offered the receipt or question. I usually ask for the reprint. About 1 out of 10 shops at various stores, I may not get the receipt and don't bother if I only got a chocolate bar or pop (and consume it right outside the store) but I usually look over my store receipts for shops involving a lot of groceries, clearance specials or sales items either before I leave the store or just outside the store. A couple of times, I have caught pricing errors at Fortinos and popped in to the Customer Service counter to have them dealt with.

    While I have electronic receipt setup with Simons, I always get my paper receipt at the cash area. Since I don't have mobile tech to carry my electronic receipts, I don't want the hassle of being asked by a different store's security team if I paid for something--that's why I want receipts esp. if I am stopping and buying in different stores for groceries (and they carry most the same items at different prices). I can show the cashier or guard my proofs of purchase.
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